More than just self-employment

We make assumptions about wealth. For instance, pursuing it means accumulating its symbols, such as money or assets. That’s a confi ning assumption. Being a wealthy person is actually about knowing what we can do and getting the most out of that capacity. When we think of wealth this way, we look for the most in ourselves and from ourselves and, like as not, end up achieving beyond what we thought was possible.
Now, four years on, entrepreneurship has become a viral idea, spreading to everyone it touches. But I am seeing some fundamental misunderstandings abut it, especially among young people. Mistakes happen when any fad spreads rapidly, so misunderstandings are, well, understandable. But addressing these misunderstandings is still a priority.
First, I want to set the record straight and warn the younger generation. All you newly employed college graduates, we don’t become entrepreneurs simply by leaving our current jobs or, for that matter, our present bosses. We can still behave entrepreneurially as a professional, even if we work for the government. In that setting entrepreneurship means contributing innovatively and creatively to the organizations we work for. Vision does not depend on the work place, it depends on care, hard work and positive thinking. I learned most of what I know now from the companies, both the small and the big, that hired me when I was fi rst out in the work force.


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