AFTA Indonesian Industrialist And Customs Perspective

Oleh : Thomas Stefanus Kaihatu


AFTA is the concept of eliminating tariff barriers among ASEAN countries with a view to integrating the ASEAN economies into a single production base and regional market. The main objective of AFTA is to increase ASEAN’s competitive edge as a production base geared for the world market. The critical step in this direction is the liberalization of trade in the region through the elimination of intraregional tariffs and elimination of non-tariff barriers. In Indonesian industrialists view, the implementation of liberalization of trade in AFTA scheme is not only a challenge, but more likely a massive problem, for they have minimum competitive advantage compared to other ASEAN countries (especially Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand).

Keywords : AFTA, Common Effective Preferential Tariff (CEPT), Industrialist, Customs.



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